Inspired to record and submit your own 1-minute audio story? Here’s how.

  • Only use WhatsApp audio or your phone’s voice memo app.
  • There is room for everyone’s story. You don’t need to speak in English.
  • You don’t need to have become a master of anything in lockdown. Be true to you.
  • Begin with ‘Dear World, how are you?’
  • Tell us where you live and how long you were/still are in lockdown/current situation
  • Help us imagine your city and life
  • Tell us how things are for you, family, friends, country
  • Tell us how you feel – what’s changed, stayed the same: hopes/fears/dreams/needs/evolutions/ideas/realisations/discomfort/disappointment
  • Sign off using only your first name: ‘See you soon, Love XX’
  • Email us at: